AIP Inc Celebrates Number One Owner in the Nation Status

AIP Inc's Owner, Callum Y., was recognized at an awards banquet for being one of the industry's most successful new business leaders. He discussed his pleasure at being appreciated, and some of the habits effective leaders maintain.

The enthusiasm in the AIP Inc office is electric these days, thanks in large part to the recognition the firm’s Owner, Callum, recently received from industry leaders. At an annual awards banquet in San Diego, California, Callum received the Rookie Owner of the Year award.

“I feel very honored by the win, but I also feel it reflects the hard work that everyone on the AIP Inc team has put into 2017,” stated Callum. “We’ve all given 110 percent this year, and this award is simply a reflection of that commitment. I had the goal to get this award last year, and for it to come full circle feels really good. This award is representative of my whole team and I couldn’t be prouder.”

This type of achievement gives the entire AIP Inc organization even more confidence in what they can accomplish in the coming year. What’s more, accolades of this kind make it easier to find and attract top talent, which the team will need to do as demand for their services increases. Savvy professionals will realize the potential that a company being led by a nationally recognized Owner has, and rush to jump on board.

AIP Inc’s Owner Describes Leadership Habits That Promote Success

“To be recognized as an effective business leader, there are certain steps that I feel are necessary,” stated Callum. “For example, one of the most important steps I’ve taken at AIP Inc is creating a culture that encourages open communication. When people feel safe to speak up and share their views with confidence, greater creativity and loyalty are the results.”

Another leadership strategy is to make expectations clear at all times. In his experience, Callum has found that when his event managers know exactly what is required of them, they do everything in their power to deliver on those results.

“Perhaps most importantly though, I consider the relationships we build with our colleagues at AIP Inc to be the highest priority,” Callum concluded. “Success is never a one-person event; it takes our whole team working together to generate awareness for the causes we represent, and people who care about one another on a personal level are always more effective.”

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