AIP Inc Takes a Look at Their 2017 in Review; Looks to 2018

The AIP Inc leadership team has been reflecting on the firm's accomplishments this past year and what they expect to happen for 2018. From promotions to travel and awards, this year has been successful in a multitude of ways.

“We’ve had an outstanding year at AIP Inc,” said Callum Y., Director of Operations. “Our team members were instrumental in raising awareness for causes that promoted healthier communities and kept kids off streets. We broke records for fundraising achievements. All in all, this year’s momentum is something we will continue to build on going forward into next year and beyond.”

Callum proudly shared that AIP Inc has been recognized multiple times as the number one office nationwide. “We hold the record for daily/weekly high results. Our people have been duly recognized for their initiatives and outcomes, while we have the best retention rate when it comes to the change agents we represent.”

“This year, we’ve expanded into new markets and launched a number of new campaigns,” Callum continued. “We promoted one of our team members, Carlos, to crew leader for his diligent professional development and commitment to our mission.”

In addition to ongoing measurable success, Callum shared that the team’s recognition across the industry has afforded them a chance to travel to a number of locations around the country and the world. “We attended an industry-wide rally in which we received multiple awards on a national field. Our team members also traveled to California to partake in the Premier Club and relax with other leaders in our industry.”

“We were also fortunate this year to go to the United Kingdom for the U.K. World Tour and to Malaysia. On both trips we had a unique opportunity to network with international business partners,” said Callum. 

AIP Inc Director of Operations Looks to 2018 and Goals to Attain

As Callum reflected on AIP Inc’s achievements for 2017, he also reiterated this is just the beginning for the firm. “Next year will be even better,” he said. “Each year, we learn something new that we can apply to improve our processes and create more impact for these nonprofits. It’s all part of our professional development.”

“We are setting our sights on continued growth and expansion into new markets,” Callum concluded. “Our hard work this year shows we’re capable of delivering the type of outcomes these change agents need to do more good. This success means we’ll be raising the bar for 2018. I have no doubt we’ll clear it.”

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