AIP Inc Top Producers Receive Executive Training in Tampa

Qualifying AIP Inc team members were invited to attend a leadership and networking event in Tampa, Florida. The weekend was focused on developing talented admins and those interested in running their own offices.

“Our training and development system is designed to give our team members access to all the skills and knowledge they’ll need to succeed in this business or any other,” declared Callum Y., AIP Inc’s Director of Operations. “Not only does this mean we focus on continual learning at the office, but we travel to conferences, seminars, and retreats in order to meet and learn from the most successful people in our industry.”

The firm’s most recent excursion took several event managers to Tampa, where they spent time with other peer-to-peer marketers from across the nation. The weekend included dinners, meetings, and a group BBQ. Callum attended with Patrick, Katia, Anthony, Rebecca, and Rachel.

“This event was primarily a way to develop individuals who have already proven they want to grow and succeed with their home offices, and are interested in managing offices of their own one day. It was also focused on the administrative duties of our company leaders,” Callum explained. “There were many chances to network, and we certainly added lots of names to our contact lists. Perhaps most important was the theme of the event – leadership mentality. The topic was woven into all the talks and seminars, and it made a big impact on all of us who went.”

Why AIP Inc’s Director Prioritizes Training and Development Opportunities

There are many reasons that a focus on development makes sense, Callum stated. For instance, comprehensive training makes AIP Inc an attractive career destination for ambitious professionals. Goal-oriented people appreciate guidance and coaching, so they are loyal to the companies (and business leaders) willing to invest in them.

“Also, a well-trained team is efficient, productive, and innovative” said Callum. “When we take the time to make sure everyone is clear on how to succeed in their roles, there are fewer challenges to overcome. This leads to more work getting done in less time, and allows us to consider whether certain processes or procedures are as effective as possible.”

This is exactly the type of thinking that Callum and the rest of those who represented AIP Inc in Tampa heard about. “Leaders understand the connection between developmental opportunities and end results,” he said. “By focusing on training, we guarantee superior outcomes.”

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