Building Teams is One of AIP Inc's Greatest Strengths

AIP Inc leaders credit the strength of the company's team and culture for its success. The firm's Director discussed the team-building activities used and the benefits received.

“One of our top priorities is to build a supportive and inspiring culture that encourages teamwork,” stated Callum Y., AIP Inc’s Director of Operations. “Our success as an organization is a reflection of our ability to function as a team, so we take steps to ensure that everyone feels comfortable working together, and that our office environment promotes open communication and trust.”

One way of doing this is through team-building activities, specifically social events outside the AIP Inc office. Some favorite activities include Top Golf, bowling, and laser tag, but Callum noted that creative suggestions are always welcome.

“When we have a chance to spend time together outside the workplace, we get to know one another as people, not just coworkers,” Callum explained. “This starts conversations and creates friendships. Then, when we come back to work the next day, our deepened connections create a more inviting and collaborative atmosphere.”

AIP Inc’s Director Explains How to Make Team-Building Events Effective

Frequent social events are important for maintaining AIP Inc’s unified culture, but they are not stand-alone tools. Callum shared some of the steps that he takes as a business leader to maximize the positive impact of team outings.

“We encourage a culture in which team members feel their input is valued,” Callum stated. “Team night should foster opportunities for people to become comfortable engaging in conversations with everyone on the team. I work to nurture strong communication in our HQ, and then let connections develop organically while we’re out having fun.”

Another important way that Callum makes the most of social events is by having fun at them himself. This lead-by-example strategy sets the tone for everyone else and models the kind of team-building behavior that going out together is meant to encourage. When he is mingling, spending time with event managers he’d like to get to know better, and engaged in whatever activity the team is doing (especially if it’s not something he’s great at), then he’s giving the rest of the organization permission to relax and be their authentic selves. “Relationships are the keys to success in business, and when we make it easier for our event managers to connect with one another we encourage them to think and act like a team.” 

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